1. How do I get my prescription?
If you are in the India, then according the India Opticians Act of 1989, it is the duty of any optician to provide you glasses with a prescription. The optician will do your eye examination first & after that accordingly give you prescription. It is required by law to provide a copy of prescription to you for your own records.

2. Why are “ACE Glasses” prices so low?
Our prices are so much lower as compare to stores. As, we are an online shop, so we don’t have to pay the rent of shop & paying for the upkeep of multiple items of machineries which use for testing eyes.

3. How should I decide which glasses that looks great on me?
Initially, You have to decide which of the seven basic face shapes you have likewise Round Faces, Trapezoidal, Oval etc. And check out the frames that will suit to your shape. After that, find out which colors suit your skin, eye and hair colors. Most important make sure are you feeling comfortable with that frames.

4. Are my payment details kept secure while transacting?
Yes, please trust that all your payment details are entered in a secure internet site that our website links with, which is managed by PayPal. Our site does not record customer payment details. All this information is held in a secure server managed by PayPal, so all transactions are guaranteed to be 100% safe and secure so do not worry about it.

5. I made a mistake when ordering. What should I do?
In that case you need to call or email us as early as possible. So we can process your updated order faster to ensure you will get your glasses on time. To avoid such a problem, please make sure your prescription and shipping information before placing your order on our website.

6. How do I check on the progress of my order/glasses?
We will send you email regarding your status of order of glasses. You will receive an email when you place your order, when you make payment etc.

7. How can I be sure of the quality of the frames?
Quality is the root of “ACE Glasses” products. Our plastic frames are made from the best qualitative material and our metal frames are made only from steel, titanium this makes our glasses corrosion- resistant and breakage-resistant. We also offer a 1 year warranty on all our glasses – in case you have any issues, contact us, and we’ll make sure it gets resolved earlier!

8. Where do I submit my eye power details?
When you click on “Buy Product” you will see one prescription form is already given there you can submit your power details.

9. “ACE Glasses” Will be able to make my complex power?
At ACE Glasses, we keep stock of all powers – simple and complex. The advanced technology used in our lab ensures that the most complex powers are fitted perfectly, assuring 100% error-free glasses.

10. What if I want to do any further query/or having issue?

If you have any further questions not answered in this section or if you want any more detail, please feel free to contact us directly at … (aceglasses.com)

11. If incase I don’t like what I have purchased!! What is your return policy?
We have a 14 day return policy. Click terms& Conditions to know more.

12. How long will it take me to receive my prescription glasses?
Our aim to dispatch glasses within 5 working days after receiving the order.

13. What’s the cost of postage & packaging?
The cost of postage and packaging to the India is 150 Rs.per pair of glasses. Postage to other parts of the world will cost 700 Rs. Note that, you can choose a delivery address that is different from the billing address. So, for example, your billing address can be your residential address, but you can choose to have the glasses delivered to your office.