1. You may have other rights granted by law including your legal rights as a buyer, and these terms not going to affect those rights.

2. There is no agreement will exist between us until we have accepted your order and confirmed with product’s availability.

3. All goods are sold according to their availability.

4. These Terms are overruled all previous verbal or written statements and agreements relating to the goods and/or services. All information contained  in our sales summary or correspondence is provided only for guidance and  it is not part of the contract, until we agree or give you in writing.

5. None of our representatives, agents, sales persons have authority to  vary, modify any of these Terms on our behalf and No amendments or  addition to any of these Terms will not be accepted until we agree it or give  you in writing

Description of Goods and Services

1. A description of the goods is mentioned on our website.
Although we will attempt to ensure that there are no changes in the goods which are going to be supplied, it is possible that there might be some minor variations to the description and/or specification of the goods which arise by ideal changes made by the manufacturers of the parts supplied which part of the goods.

2. When you place your order, you must provide us details of the relevant prescription that is to be applied to the goods. All prescriptions provided to us must have been given to you by a registered medical practitioner or ophthalmic optician following a testing of your sight within the last 2 years.

3. We will depend upon the prescription provided by you and the provided goods will contain lenses according to your prescription.

4. If you are not sure about the relevant prescription to be applied to the goods, please consult with the registered medical practitioner or registered ophthalmic optician before placing an order.

5. If you don’t specify, we use an appropriate average pupillary distance ‘PD’ to complete your goods order. This PD measurement has been provided by qualified dispensing opticians. If you are agreeing to these terms and conditions, and you are not providing your PD means that you will be agreeing to let us use an average PD of 60mm for single vision reading, distance and bifocal lenses. strongly recommend that you must consult your optician to obtain your PD before ordering, and provide the same number to us while ordering.

6. Your age must be 16 or over to order from and you must not be registered blind, or partially sighted, do not suffering from glaucoma, or ordering on behalf of someone else whose age is under 16.

7. All varifocal glasses will be dispatched within 28 working days of us receiving them back after the PD markings.

Goods Delivery

Unless agreed otherwise in writing:

1. Delivery of the goods will take place at the delivery address mentioned on the order form.

2. Delivery of the goods will take place within 4 working days; you cannot cancel the order within this period.

3. Any dates specified by us for delivery of goods are intended to be an estimate and time for delivery is not guaranteed. If no dates are specified, we will endeavor to deliver within a reasonable time.

4. If for any reason (except our fault) you do not accept delivery of any of the goods then we may charge you an additional fee to cover any reasonable additional direct costs induced by us as a result (including additional insurance, delivery, storage, other similar kind of charges).

5. Final prices hascalculated including delivery charges.

6. Even our aim is to dispatch orders within 3 working days; this may not be possible for some complex prescriptions. Our ophthalmologists will decide whether a prescription is complex or not. Their decision will be final and binding. The maximum time required for delivering a product having complex prescription is 28 days.


The price of goods includes tax also


1. Unless we provide in writing, you have to pay the price for goods when placing your order.

2. Payments to us must be made in pounds sterling.

Responsibility for and Ownership of Goods

You will be liable for any loss or damage of goods from the time of delivery unless such loss or damage is caused by our mistake.

Re-sale of Goods

Goods are sold on the condition that they are not re-sold.

Our Responsibilities

We will take care to complete our responsibilities according to this contract within a shortest time unless it is not possible for us to do this due to situation outside of our control. In some case we will not be responsible for delays caused by our suppliers.

Contract Personal to You (Your limited right to transfer the contract)

This is your personal contract. Due to this contract nobody goes to get any benefit other than you.

Your Personal Data

We will ensure that our employees, agents and subcontractors will all time obey with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 in regarding the data received from you according this contract and shall only process the personal data received from you were necessary to fulfill our requirement.

Use of Cookies

1. Cookies are small text files, to which ID is assigned that, are stored on your computer’s browser directory or program data subfolders.

“Cookies” are used on this website to keep track of the goods that are added to your Shopping Cart, to store delivery addresses, contact details. You can turn off cookies within your browser by going to “Tools, Internet Options, Privacy”, and selecting to “block cookies”. If you turn off cookies on browser, your information will not be retained on your computer for future use when you place orders with us.

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